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Voy a recomendar cuatro libros: Los Kalbelia El rebozo Mexicano Historia de los trajes de novio Tés e infusiones Saludos para todos!!! Buena lectura.

“What happened is that when we started to eat like the West and eating how the rest of the world, we have stopped thinking what food to eat in what season; we only eat wheat and rice with lots of masala and sugar and salt. And you know, she's told me say like the problem of nutrition is on both ends. It's not just poor people in India who are nutrition poor. It's also well-off people being malnourished and being obese. There is this two spectrum in India and one in three children in India falls into one of the two,” she remarked with ringing

Bespoke travel company Black Tomato has unveiled “Take Me on a Story,” a collection of five immersive itineraries revolving around classic children’s literature. Among them is a five-night trip inspired by Aladdin and The Magic Lamp, which winds through the heart of Morocco’s Maghreb to the Sahara Desert, accompanied by a magical wish-fulfilling genie, in a quest to unearth a hidden Lamp—battling sorcery along the way. The journey through souks and sand to retrieve the Lamp and defeat the Sorcerer culminates with a stay at a majestic palace. The seven-night recreation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, meanwhile, involves a search for buried riches in the British Virgin Islands. Families can learn pirate-style sword-fighting, learn how to survive on a deserted island like Ben Gunn with a wilderness expert, hear campfire ghost stories by night, and, on the final day, raise the flag and set sail to the uninhabited Norman Island, the real setting for Treasure

Thanks to Sheldon and Howard's pride, they'll never admit that they're completely dependent on their wives. They both like to think that they're independent scientists who don't need the comfort of loved ones but viewers know that's not